4 Video Editing Tips for Better Social Media Content


Nowadays, with the advent of technology, mobile phones have become more capable of ensuring you click high-quality videos. It can be a funny video or something memorable which you would want to share with the world. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have made this possible.

Not only that, but since video and photo media has become so popular, even these applications have implemented features that further ease capturing and uploading these clips.

While editing photos is rather easy, it can get a bit complicated when it comes to videos. Video editing has certain intricacies that you need to keep in mind.

Nevertheless, with the right guidance, and tips, you can, too, make sure you get great footage and can make amazing-looking videos. This does not require you to learn a new editing software or use expensive equipment. Further mentioned in this article are some simple and easy steps that can ensure the same.

Take Square Videos:

This is one of the first things that you need to keep in mind if you are looking to make videos that are interesting. Although it might sound odd, the landscape is not the only orientation you can use these days. The size format most social media platforms allow is 1:1, which is a square.

So if you want your audience to view your video in the clearest and best way on their phones, you should stick to a square format. In addition to that, you can also make the most of the varying phone screen sizes using a square video.

If you are not very fond of square framing, just make sure that you click your video in portrait mode and ensure to keep the subject in the middle of the frame. This way, even if you have to crop the video later, you will not miss out on the action at all.

Make It More Visually Appealing:

Advancements in mobile technology have allowed next-level mobile editing nowadays. It has become so advanced; you can even make short films directly from your Smartphone. A film relies on sound a lot as well. While social media apps can play your video when the user scrolls over it, it mostly does not play the sound. This means you have to stop relying on sound to make your video look better and get more visual.

Instead of voiceovers, add more subtitles, make use of the variety of filters available on both online video editor as well as social media platforms. You can easily find out what the latest and greatest filters in use are just by a quick search.

Paying more attention to the visual aspects of a video will significantly increase the chances of users wanting to view your video all the way through. You should aim to make every single frame of the video interesting and appealing, especially if your target audience is the young generation, as they will only take a split second to judge the video and scroll over it.

Check the Length of the Video:

This is another very important consideration you should keep in mind before you upload your video on any social media platform. The last thing you would want is to work hard on your video, only for it to abruptly end. This is why you should pay attention to the time limits mentioned in every social media platform. This solely depends on where you will be uploading your video. Keep these suggestions in mind.

  • Instagram: Since Instagram is a heavily media-based platform, there are quite a few options you get. For instance, if you want your video to show up on your feed, you will need to keep it within a minute and 15 seconds for reels. You can post longer videos using the IGTV feature. It is best if you keep your videos short on this platform as people are used to scrolling through their feed rigorously.
  • Facebook: Content is considered to be everything on Facebook. This is why you should focus on making them not more than a minute long. Crisp yet visually appealing videos on Facebook can ensure you the most likes, views, and shares.
  • Twitter: tweets by design are quite brief, and their users expect the same out of videos. Having 45 second long videos on Twitter is the best way to go. If you have a predetermined audience already, you can experiment with longer videos.

Be Creative With the Videos:

Lastly, you should not hesitate to use new filters, texts, or other special effects to make your video look amazing. The last thing the viewers want from you is to see another template-driven video that does exactly the same thing as other videos.

Use the tools provided in the social media apps or find yourself an easy-to-use editing app, but make your videos creative and try to add a personal touch to it. Adding such elements in your videos will make it more fun to watch while also setting a theme for your content.

When you allow your personal flare to show through your videos, the users are more likely to make a better judgment on it. For instance, if they like your style, you might gain a new follower and more views, likes, and shares on your other videos. In addition to making what the content you are working with demands, ensure to make something that you as a user would also like to see.

In Conclusion

To sum this article up, making and publishing video content on social media has never been easier. This also means that there are many more people that are trying to make a name for themselves in the industry.

This further requires you to do something with your videos that will set you apart. Keeping in mind these few tips mentioned here can ensure that you find your own style and can attract more viewers to your videos. Rest assured, with patience and expertise, you can create an audience base for yourself as well.


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